Progress. This is How You Make it. With a Machete.

Posted on 28/05/2012 by


I’ve started to make progress on the second Path book (TRTH) lately. Finally. Honestly, it’s been so close to being finished for so long that it’s a bit embarrassing it’s not done yet.

The problem is that I decided to work through this draft in order. Which is really not the way I have ever written Path, so it feels bizarre. But I’m building in these extra parts — almost a third of the book — and I didn’t want to accidentally screw myself on the continuity, so I figured I might as well work through this draft in sequence.

I still think it was basically a good idea. And okay, so I maybe cheat a bit sometimes. I may have already done the end. And that bit two thirds of the way through that’s my favourite scene. But basically I’ve been good. Which is sort of the problem. Because sometimes I get to a scene and I just sort of… walk into a wall. (And then I limp away and blow up wizards or something. Which is fun, but not getting TRTH any closer to finished.)

But despite the walls I’m finally starting to get somewhere with it again. There’s this one scene I was stubbing my toe on for like a week, but then on Friday I suddenly realised what was wrong. So I cut about ninety percent of the scene. Which made me so cheerful I went off and set something on fire. But then I came back, cut another five percent and beat the remnants into submission (or into the next scene, as the case may be). And then ran through the next two and half chapters. And suddenly I’m nearly halfway through.

Blood spattered cartoon bear holding a machete. Caption reads: Guns don't kill people. Psychotic bears with machetes do.