Another Reason Programming and Writing are More Similar Than You’d Think

Posted on 04/11/2013 by


Once upon a time, for reasons that I could explain but that don’t make a lot of sense now, I learned to code. Not to the point that I could really use it for anything but enough so that I have a functional understanding of the basics of how code works and some of its abilities and limitations. At the time I’d just finished my honours and I was struck by how similar it was to writing fiction. You have a result in mind and you have to choose your words and line them up in a specific way in order to produce that effect… And then there’s really an excessive amount of attention paid to the punctuation.

I could wax lyrical about this (and have) but right now I am on the wrong side of the country and kinda sleepy, so instead — have this comic.
Stick figure is looking at a white board on which is written a piece of code.  He starts to think about it and the chain of his thoughts expands and grows, progressing toward a solution, when someone walks in and says, "Hey, so I just sent you an email about that thing." The programmer's thoughts disappear into a black blot. The second person wanders off and the first returns to the equation and starts again.


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