Driving in Fog is Like Sleepwalking, You Never Know Quite Where You’ll End Up

Posted on 30/08/2012 by


The view out our windscreen this morning.

view from interior of car of a street disappearing into fog with a truck at the limit of vision ahead

And then the truck ahead disappeared.

view from interior of car of a street disappearing into fog a couple of metres from the bumper

It took me rather longer than I would like to be bothered by that. I think my survival instincts are on the fritz. This is probably because I am in desperate need of more sleep. Yes, I know, tired is my natural state of being, but it’s getting ridiculous. For some inexplicable reason my wakeup calls keep getting earlier and earlier. From 0630 to 0430 to 0200… It’s ludicrous that the alarm function on my phone gets more of a workout when I’m holiday than when I’m at home. So clearly the answer is… another 50 hours without sleep. Because that’ll help.

The saddest part about this is that it’s not even a record for me. Instead of being depressed about that I’m going to go and ponder the logistics of suitcases —  a delicate and complicated art layered and textured by the needs of security and customs personnel versus the desire to arrive home with all your belongings in more or less the condition they started. En avant.


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