Stealth Ninja Unicorns

Posted on 31/07/2011 by


So, you know how I was having trouble figuring out the framing of the backstory? Apparently the way to solve this is to write more backstory from yet another time frame. (No, don’t ask me to explain how that helps. I don’t know how it helps.) And the backstory has a lot more blood in it than I was expecting…

Me: The only thing is… this new plotline could be a whole little novella thing. If I wanted. It’s lots of fun and it could be all junior grade cute.Warning - Unicorns
Rick: With unicorns?
Me: There are no unicorns. And my unicorns would not be junior grade and cute.
Rick: Pity. Everyone likes unicorns.
Me: Come to think of it, there’s a certain amount of gore in the flashback. Maybe not so cute. Or junior grade.
Rick: Maybe there were guerrilla unicorns
Me: You are obsessed.
Rick: Hidden in caves until the end of the war.
Me: There are no stealth unicorns holding out anywhere
Rick: Oooh, ninja unicorns!*

This book is turning out… not quite how I thought it would. But I’m liking it a lot. They usually get better when they run away with the plan. I thought this one was going to start in a pretty dark place. And it still does. But now it’s all mixed up with adventures and craziness, and lots of , and little bits of omg-dragons!

I don’t really know where it’s going but I woke up thinking of knighthood and loyalty oaths. And now it’s all fish knives and betrayal and commendation ceremonies. So I am sticking my fingers in my ears, humming the Indiana Jones theme under my breath, and writing a flashback that goes further back than anything before.


* Clearly at some point I’m going to have to tell the whole story about the unicorns. Otherwise it’s just hanging around irritating people and inspiring conspiracy theories.