Look a Three Headed Monkey!

Posted on 21/08/2012 by


Help! Am trapped in luxurious resort with terrible internet! I mean… no, seriously. There’s something very wrong here. One’s room should not come with a vacuum cleaner but without reliable internet. I have standards! I have… okay, well, I’m needy, all right?

But you! You have real internet, right? Shiny, bright internet that let’s you check your mail and so on, right?

So you can look at this. Because it is awesome-sauce. And I will sit over here. Quietly mourning my inability to read my email.*

Screenshot from the ASCII Street View generator, showing an open highway and dark blue sky rendered ASCII style


* There could be exciting things! There could be spam! There could be exciting spam! There could be three headed monkeys! How will I ever know?


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