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Apple 13 Inch Retina Laptop: A Review (Contains References to Fire, Alcohol and Bananas)

November 16, 2012 by


Yesterday my new pony (er, laptop) arrived. And because it is so shiny (wonderful, brilliant, distracting) I did not write anything (brilliant, scintillating, or lunatic) to share with you this morning. Claire: Does the baby have a name yet? Me: I think I’m going to go with Rick’s idea and call him Bar Drake. Claire: […]

Why is the Weekend Over? I Wasn’t Done With It.

November 12, 2012 by


Me: Could we please add an extra day to the week? We could call it Rocketday. Or Napday. Rick: Why not both? Part of the weekend right? Me: Second weekend! Like, after Tuesday: Rocketday and Napday. Then Wednesday. So my new phone arrived on Friday. His name is Marco (say hi everyone). I am still […]

Look a Three Headed Monkey!

August 21, 2012 by


Help! Am trapped in luxurious resort with terrible internet! I mean… no, seriously. There’s something very wrong here. One’s room should not come with a vacuum cleaner but without reliable internet. I have standards! I have… okay, well, I’m needy, all right? But you! You have real internet, right? Shiny, bright internet that let’s you […]