Why is the Weekend Over? I Wasn’t Done With It.

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Me: Could we please add an extra day to the week? We could call it Rocketday. Or Napday.
Rick: Why not both? Part of the weekend right?
Me: Second weekend! Like, after Tuesday: Rocketday and Napday. Then Wednesday.

So my new phone arrived on Friday. His name is Marco (say hi everyone). I am still adjusting to his existence but I am prepared to say that the smartphone thing has been pretty fun already. For one thing, whenever my laptop freezes up I can continue the chat conversation I’m having with my phone. That will (one assumes) be less relevant when the new laptop arrives but it’s still kind of amusing.

It balances such things as the fact that while it is one of the smallest androids out there (being about the same size as an iPhone) it’s significantly larger than my old phone and won’t fit in any of my pockets. So I’ve already dropped it once.

Okay, when I say ‘dropped’ I mean ‘slipped as I pulled it out so it flew from my hand and bounced, cartwheeling across the floor of the mall’. And it was fine. Apparently part of it is made of Kevlar. So that’s kind of cool.

Front, side and back view of the Motorola Razr M mobile phone. Basically looks like a phone, the back has an unusual textured pattern.

If my phone is armoured, does that mean I can take it into battle?

I dropped my old phone like that once and kind of slammed it into the asphalt and stepped on it before I managed to get my feet coordinated and stop dropping everything. But I hadn’t expected my new one to be quite so resilient. Double-plus points.

Me: He survived cartwheeling on the floor, this is his next test.
Rick: It should be fine. This is pretty light rain.
Me: Good. I think phones should be able to withstand an accidental spit take across the table.

Then the weekend ended and I didn’t have time for the third test. I was thinking: get him drunk and see if I can get him to sing…


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