Because I Miss the Flying Monkeys

Posted on 28/08/2013 by


I’m about to head back to the land of Oz. Which, in this instance, involves about thirty hours of travel time and being awake for just shy of two days. So that’s going to be fun.

Usually I don’t start hallucinating until I pass the fifty hour mark though, so it should be fine. But I don’t think there’s much chance I’ll make it all the way home without catching some sort of cold.

I really need to stop getting on airplanes. It’s horrible for my respiratory system. And the last time I had a cold I managed to destroy my phone. Which given it has a reputation for being unbreakable is fairly impressive.

Although, technically I didn’t break it. I sneezed and there were unavoidable consequences. And now you know what the price of sneezing is: a new phone.

Perhaps if I just don’t breathe for two days…

Foot-high Chistery (flying monkey from Wizard of Oz) sitting on a blue couch with a laptop on his lap.



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