Changing Timezones is a Little Like Side-Stepping Into Another Universe

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So my sister? Lives in the Torchwood Hub. Okay, not the one in Cardiff. But this is clearly an Australian outpost.

She told me they found a pterodactyl when they moved in, so I was kind of expecting it. Especially after I confided this to her and admitted that they did in fact have a dungeon and underground catacombs.

It also, as I discovered this evening has a number of rooms that look like they were designed by a serial killer. Locks on the wrong side of doors and hooks you could hang people from and peculiar tiled areas that I’m told were designed to make wine but really look like somewhere you’d dismember bodies.

So cells. Dungeons. Catacombs. A pterodactyl. Six exits (in case you need to escape from incoming Cybermen). Unusually narrow doors (to stop Daleks). And three bathrooms (which, I am reliable informed by a resident, is the same number of bathrooms as the TARDIS).

Seriously. There’s a name plate by the door that’s been painted out. I’m pretty sure it used to read ‘the Hub’. This is where I’m staying for the next six days.*

Silhouette of a person in the entrance to mysterious catacombs. MYSTERIOUS, I tell you!

* Time/space incidents notwithstanding.


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