Insomnia is a Conspiracy of Squirrels?

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[[Woozy person walks and speaks.]] Person: The sleep deprivation madness worsens. [[Person examines hands.]] Person: Things seem unreal. Am I even awake? Maybe I'm dreaming. [[Person approaches a tree with a squirrel on it.]] Person: I'm pretty sure I'm hallucinating this tree. Person: But what if I'm hallucinating that I'm hallucinating, and I'm actually totally sane? Squirrel: Listen. Squirrel: I wouldn't worry about that. {{Title text: I'm not listening to you.  I mean, what does a SQUIRREL know about mental health?}}

I’m not leaving town for like three weeks, I don’t understand why my brain is trying to switch time zones in advance. It is driving me crazy. Er. Crazier.



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