Turns Out, Having Insomnia in the Middle of the Night is a Really Pointless Way to Spend Your Evening

Posted on 07/09/2012 by


So I was going to write something intelligent today. It was going to be filled with humour and quiet excitement and may even have included something profound. But as I did not really sleep last night I’m sort of squinting at my laptop trying to remember how words work.

I don’t sleep through the night. I never sleep through the night. I’m like an infant that way. But usually I go back to sleep. Jetlag means I keep doing this thing where after I wake up for the first time in the night my brain is like ‘so, morning then?’ and then I have insomnia at like 3am, which is redonkulous.

So I am going to think incoherently about knee-high boots, write a chapter of Wizards that’s been taunting me for months (cause what’s the worst that could happen?), and on Monday I am totally going to be capable of using my brain again. Probably. Hopefully. I think I need a nap…