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Driving in Fog is Like Sleepwalking, You Never Know Quite Where You’ll End Up

August 30, 2012 by


The view out our windscreen this morning. And then the truck ahead disappeared. It took me rather longer than I would like to be bothered by that. I think my survival instincts are on the fritz. This is probably because I am in desperate need of more sleep. Yes, I know, tired is my natural state […]

Sleep is a Drug and I Want More

July 12, 2012 by


Me: Would you remind me tomorrow to make a doctor’s appointment? Rick: I reminded you today. Me: Yes, but I was writing. So I was all la la la, go away. Rick: Oh doom. Me: Don’t do that. I was writing! You don’t interrupt writing for frivolous administrative pursuits. Rick: Like your health and well-being. […]

Waking Up

May 25, 2012 by


Wojtek the Soldier Bear

May 10, 2012 by


I am extremely sleep deprived, so today I’m just going to introduce you to Wojtek the Soldier Bear. I put this under one of my favourite headings: Bears Are Cool. If I had a bear of my own I would… probably still desperately need a nap. But I think the bear would understand.

Because Words Mean Different Things to Different People

February 22, 2012 by


Sleeping well is only waking up three or four times a night rather than more. Sleeping well is being able to roll over and go back to sleep at least 75% of the time. Sleeping well is not being either trashed or manic as a result of lack of sleep all the time. Sleeping well […]

Just So We’re Clear, Seven Hours of Sleep in Two Days is Not Enough

February 15, 2012 by


So according to Rick my newly developed sleeping patterns are an illustration of a Karnaugh map. An array of Yes, No and I don’t care leaving me with not enough sleep.* This is like the time Arkem convinced Shig to forge my signature on the internet by telling him it looked like math. For the […]

How Not to Pacify the Savage Beast

December 13, 2011 by


Yesterday I didn’t get to sleep until after Rick’s alarm went off at 5am. By nine I was awake again. Which makes for a grand total of 14 hours in the last three days. I just thought that I should tell you that. In case I start screaming incoherently or something. And while I’ve been […]

I Demand Retribution. Or Justice. Or Something. Will Settle For Having 2011 Back.

December 9, 2011 by


Rick: It was me. I did it while you were sleeping. Me: Oh come on, what are the odds of that happening? Rick: Not good? Okay, I knocked you out. Me: You actually think you could get away with that? Rick: I’m a ninja. Me: And you think I wouldn’t notice the concussion when I […]

Draconian Vendettas and Cake

September 22, 2011 by


Me: My brain hates me today. It is a block of wood on top of my neck mocking me about my inability to form sentences. Wuffie: *head pets*. That’s no good on the block headiness! Or should that be headedness? Me: I don’t even know anymore. On the up side, if you don’t sleep at […]

Death, Mayhem and Family Pets

August 24, 2011 by


This whole naming-the-characters in Wizards is turning out entirely weird. It’s not normally this hard. Generally my characters just tell me what their names are. Or jump up and down and point when I look at a list of names. In this case… I don’t know, maybe they’ve forgotten their own names cause they’re drunk. […]