A Wordplayer’s Manifesto

Posted on 03/08/2012 by


Poster that reads: You're a writer. Claim the title. Writers write, so make time for it every day. Set realistic goals. Embrace the ecstasy of writing. Read, read, read, read, read, read, read. Follow your heart, not the market. Don't just start stories, finish them. Dream big. Learn the rules. Follow the rules. Break the rules. Constructive criticism: solicit, accept, manage. Put your ego in your back pocket and sit on it. Writing is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the scenery. Give back to the writing community. Write scared. Remember you are the master of inspiration, not its slave. Set your stories free. Send them into the world. Don't slack on the hard stuff: outline, research, rewrite. Build a lifestyle that nurtures and supports your writing. Love what you do. Write with joy.

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