My Business Cards Say ‘Gosh, She’s a Bit Odd’*

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I’ve been meaning to make this post since my business cards arrived but I keep forgetting because I’m easily distracted by shiny things. Like my business cards! Which are brilliant.**

Honestly, I look at my cards and think, How is everyone in the universe not using these cards? I acknowledge that there may be a reason, I just do not know what it is. Maybe it’s because you’ve never heard of them. Let me fix that. With pictures!

They’re made by Moo (who are an awesometacular company). And the thing that makes them awesometacular (apart from the solid, heavy, aerodynamic quality of their paperstock which makes them perfect to flick through the air into an upturned tophat, should you be so inclined) is how they do the back of their cards. They print the backs in full and brilliant*** colour, just like the front, and they’ll do as many different kinds as you like. Seriously. If you want to you can order fifty cards each one with a different back.

If you’re an artist of some kind this is sensational because you can use them as a mini showcase for your work. If you’re a writer like me… well, if you’re just like me you’ll write all over them.

* Not literally. Although, close.

** Both figuratively and literally.

*** See?


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