Why Must We Let Logic Rule Us, Anyway?

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I just had this awesome dream, which would make a great story — except for the fact that it’s based on this kind of science that… isn’t. That and there were these major plot points that just don’t make sense to a waking mind. I woke up and got as far as, That was really… And then I thought, Oh. And there was much frowning.

I mean, the science is something maybe I could fudge. Make up a magic thing or match it to some kind of theoretical science… But now that I’m awake I have no idea how to justify the plot twist at the end of the book. The fact that she was already dead doesn’t… I mean, even in my head how did that translate tragedy into success?

The more I think about it, the more confused it becomes, until now all I have is the tiniest, veriest fraction, ripped from the narrative.

It’s a real shame cause it’s a great story. You know, except for that whole thing where it’s based on all these pivot points that are totally illogical.

roughly painted lightbulb with the phrase 'But what was normal in the evening, by morning seems insane'

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