The Writing Process in Pictures

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Caris sent me this link on Friday and I snickered. Possibly more than was entirely reasonable, but I was a bit sleep deprived. Was. Am. Anyway. I think that my writing process is slightly more stream-lined though. It’s more like this:

Image of Bert raising his head from a book with an expression of revelation

Image of the Doctor going from 'YES' to 'NO' over and over again.

Image of Tulio banging his head against the wall

Image of Jack Sparrow on empty beach with a thoughtful expression, before he runs away

Image of Miguel shrugging with the caption 'Why the fuck not?'

Then the cycle repeats. In the time I spent writing this post my brain helpfully pointed out that I could string together a whole range of different images on my hard drive to tell this story. I told my brain to shut up. I can tell when it’s procrastinating. And you can’t procrastinate at eight in the morning. That’s a horrible way to start the week. Need to save it up till at least lunch time. Well. Ten, anyway.

guy holding a garbage bag in one hand, a gun in the other, fingers stuffed in his ears saying, 'La la la, shut up!'


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