Not Every Hero Can Introduce Himself: Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya…*

Posted on 03/05/2012 by


I spent half an hour yesterday figuring out how to do something devious with one of my character’s names that is largely pointless, and will, in all likelihood, amuse only me. But it will amuse me continually whenever I’m working on this book. So I consider it time well spent.

I spent ages figuring out a name that would work for my wizard** back when I started writing the book and I’m still not happy with it. Naming his partner was much easier at the time — I had no trouble figuring out his nickname. But (especially if I’m switching to third person) I need to know his real name. There’s a story about it that I want to tell so it has to be chosen carefully so it fit. And I think I’ve finally got it sorted. And made myself laugh while doing it. So I’m very happy.

Me: I am a genius!
Caris: You are an idiot.
Me: That’s certainly one interpretation. That’s hard to argue.

I feel a little bit like Bastion in The NeverEnding Story. I gave the childlike empress a name! Although I’m now thinking said protagonist would probably prefer not to be likened to the childlike empress. But that’s his problem. Along with surviving the night.


* A 'Hello my name is' badge with 'Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die' written in.

** A couple of days ago someone found my site by searching for ‘what would you name a drunk wizard’. I wonder if they were looking for me…