This is a Blatant Lie*

Posted on 14/12/2011 by


Arkem: I feel like I’m getting tireder just sitting here with you. It’s like you’re projecting your exhaustion.
Me: No. It’s the other way around. I’m leeching your consciousness. Eventually it’ll all be gone and then you’ll fall asleep and so will I. Unless Paul comes in here…

I may or may not have spent the entire day working on the wrong thing. I had an idea. I think it’s a good idea. And it was interesting to explore. It’s not for the book I’m currently meant to be writing though. So it’s possible I shouldn’t have spent quite so much time on it.

Just so we’re clear though (as there was some confusion in the house) when I say ’the wrong thing’ I mean for some reason my head was spiralling ahead to book four in Path and book two in Wizards. Not that I was starting a whole new book (Rick’s theory) or that I was writing porn or Prawns** (Paul’s theory, possibly just because he enjoys alliteration).

Me: That is so weird.
Arkem: You’re an essence stealing vampire!
Me: Well yeah but I don’t do that.***

Incidentally, Arkem isn’t really here. This is just a flashback I’m having. Which is totally normal. Don’t look at me like that. I’m going to bed now, honestly.


* Alright, not the entire post. Just some of the parts. Like the bit that suggests I’m going to sleep now.

** I generally refer to the book I wrote during Honours as Prawns in the Headlights although this is not the title that appears on the cover. It’s shorter and funnier though. And makes ever so slightly more sense that the title it’s saved under on my computer. Also I only gave it the title it actually has because my Honours supervisor refused pointblank to be associated with a project entitled Prawns in the Headlights. Which, you know, is not totally unreasonable. Titles, honestly, I shouldn’t be let near them.

*** This is a disgraceful lie. Although it’s possible we weren’t talking about alliteration. It’s still probably a lie. I have no business calling anybody weird. And I probably do do that. Whatever that is. It sounds like something I would do.