Wizards in Space?

Posted on 11/08/2011 by


So right now I’m nomming the Jim Butcher Dresden Files books.* They’re like popcorn with magic and hitting things. I totally recommend them. (And the audio books as read by James Masters, who is the perfect voice for Harry Dresden.)

Harry Dresden in front of Chicago skyline

On a (probably) related note, I’m sort of accidentally writing this new thing. (Not in the day when I’m meant to be working, just in the middle of the night when I’m supposed to be doing that crazy thing called sleeping.) And the new thing is… I don’t know… Wizards in space? Which is… not… Gah. I don’t even know where it came from. I mean, I’ve been dreaming about science fiction for months now. And I think the wizards part is just Harry Dresden wandering around in my head. But still…

It’s a fun idea though. If for no other reason than that it’s high concept. High concept is what industry peeps call a story idea that you can sell in a sentence or better yet, in three or four words. It would be really helpful if I was writing high concept stuff right now at the beginning of my career, cause it’s much easier to sell. Course when has ‘really helpful’ had anything to do with anything? Odds are if I start actually writing it the words I’d promptly decide ‘wizard’ is a misnomer and be left with ‘…in space’ which is a funny thing to add to the description of any book, but not deeply informative.

Which would fit right in with the rest of my work. At the moment, for instance, someone says to me ‘what’s your book about?’ and I blither. Cause it takes way too long to explain it, and if I try to go for sweeping concepts it sounds ridiculously generic. Like I could say, ‘it’s slightly whimsical Renaissance fantasy YA’ but that makes it sounds both very general and a little bit girly. Which it isn’t. And if I say, ‘it’s got dragons and trolls, but they’re not like regular dragons and trolls’ I sound… well, deluded? And if I tell you the most unusual thing about the book you’re both spoilered and it sounds kind of… gratuitous? I suppose I could be telling agents and publishers that part, they want to be spoilered. But it’s not in any way the point of the books, so… gratuitous.

Which means that when I try to sell it I make the book sound generic, girly, deluded, and like I’ve thrown something in just to make it look edgy or interesting. *facepalm*

Going to try sending telepathic messages instead: You want to READ it. Then people who are better at marketing can sell it.


* Rick saw the cover of the one I’m reading at the moment and said, “Dead Bear?” in this sort of sad, disbelieving voice. It’s Dead Beat actually. Dead bears would be sad. I’m still worried about that trailer for Brave. Maybe the bear will be okay?