Monday Blurbs: Emperor Sapiens

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I’m going to be blurbing a few of my other (far-off!) projects over the next month. It’s a bit of fun, a bit of a break to think of non-Bibliotek, non-PhD stuff.

For a little bit of background on this one, it was just an idea floating round my head until Kandace started talking about Wizards in Space. Then I realised I had my own Squids in Spaaace story! Not only that, but hyperspace squids. So, I just had to start brainstorming, right? Right?

Keep a look out, I may be asking for opinions for my work later.


Emperor Sapiens

The universe is an almost perfect sphere some thousand light years in diameter. At that far extent rests a solid wall of crystal. Almost perfect—there are standard hand-sized imperfections round the edge, and a flaw which runs like a spire pointing to the capital planet Acme, which floats precariously just a system above it. At the edge, there is another, broader universe of far stars seemingly painted just beneath the cosmic amber.

Many years ago Humanity burst free of its constraints, turning itself into a infinitude of queer forms. But Transhumanity eventually warred for the right to the title ‘Human,’ with one man finally overcoming all. He crowned himself Emperor Sapiens. That was the beginning of the Sapient era.

Now he has died and his thousand cloned heirs race back to Acme to claim the crown.

Prince Sapiens has spent hundreds of years on his yacht the Dalliance, touring the universe. Now is his chance to prove he is the true heir of Humanity. As he follows the trade winds of the spaceways back to Acme, he will search for any edge he can find against his siblings. Now as he gets closer to the centre the greater the danger will become: and worse when he commits the greatest crime for one of the Sapient line. Falling in love.

But he knows he must win. Prince Sapiens knows what is beyond the wall. Can he afford to believe in anything more than the simple truth that he, Sapiens, is the only true person in the Universe?

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