Doing It Wrong

Posted on 12/08/2011 by


I just realised I’m doing it wrong. I have to stop trying to sell the plot and instead try to sell the story. Or the theme anyway. Cause one of the reasons I’ve hated writing the query letters and spent so much time banging my head against the wall is because every time I try to encapsulate the book in a paragraph it feels like I’m doing dot points but not explaining what the book is actually about. And the closest I get to something that feels more like the book is something that bears a rather less accurate resemblance to what really happens in the plot.

I’m not going to go all blurb line: LOVE. LOYALTY. LEGEND. But maybe if I can find a way to reach into your chest and pull? Er… perhaps without the slightly serial killer images that conjures up?


It’s about love and loyalty. About taking personal responsibility for a larger world. About choice. And it’s about what you’re willing to do for the people you love. (Also there are dragons).

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