Clarke’s Third Law

Posted on 26/11/2013 by


A PartiallyClips comic. Three panels showing two rabbits on a rocking horse flying through the sky. The first rabbits says: "See, I like the simplicity of fantasy. Fantasy just says, 'There are two talking rabbits on a flying rocking horse.' And the reader says, 'Okay, tell me a good story about them.'" The second rabbit replies: "Sure, but science fiction says, 'There are two talking gengineered rabbits riding a vehicle which is designed like a child's rocking horse, with antigravity rails. The rabbits are a species uplifted by future humans, who have become benevolent and godlike, but empty. Humanity longs for its primal roots!' And so the rocking horse becomes a technological metaphor for the toys that humanity has outgrown. There's value in that kind of storytelling, too." The first rabbit says: "I suppose. ... Which are we again?" The second rabbit replies: "That's the thing. Clarke's 3rd law says it doesn't matter..."


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