Now Usually I Don’t Do This…

Posted on 22/11/2013 by


Today’s song doesn’t have a video clip. Technically it doesn’t even have an official existence. It’s a remix. By TheMattSmith.* And it starts with the immortal words, “Now usually I don’t do this…”**

Go here and listen: Call Me Maybe vs. Ignition


* Which is funny because while I’m pretty sure he has nothing to do with the eleventh doctor today’s Google art is hilariously Doctor-centric.

** Which is basically how I keep starting books. I mean, not literallyDrink Me starts with the words, “And then she threw her drink in my face.” Because I like to violate as many rules as possible as quickly as I can. Or I just like to find the last possible moment the story should start and wait five seconds. Or I just like throwing drinks at people. Could be that one.