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You guys remember the Mr Men and Little Miss books, right? They’re little and square and kinda ridiculous but maybe a little bit awesome too. And they’ve been around forever. According to their website they’ve had most of the set since the early eighties, although they’ve added a handful every decade since to keep things interesting.

In recent years I was kind of spun to notice what I consider ‘adventure’ books adding to the lineup. No more simply Mr Strong, instead there’s Mr Strong and the Ogre or Mr Bump Loses His Memory.

I have to tell you, I found this rather alarming. It was a paradigm shift. The Mr Men could have adventures unrelated to simply explaining their own defining feature? What madness was this? They also seemed to be more… sparkly. One of them was definitely purple. Alarming. I’m telling you.

What I hadn’t seen was any new characters. (Probably because they’ve only brought in one new one in the last decade.) Which is why I was surprised to spy, while wandering through Kinokuniya a couple of weeks ago: Mr Mo.

Cover of 'Mr Mo' by Roger Hargreaves. A white square featuring the title and author with the titular character featured underneath. Mr Mo is a mustard yellow, circular individual with a tiny red bowler hat a blue nose a splendid moustache and a big smile.

Fellas, ladies, aardvarks, gendered/titled description of your choice, this is where it’s at. Support Mr Mo.*

Mr Mo has a moustache, a quite splendid moustache, and Mr Mo is a gentleman.
A gentleman is polite and thoughtful and generous.
And Mr Mo was all these things.


* And Penguin will donate 20% of the RRP to the Movember Foundation. Which is cool, but it really is a good book.


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