My Brilliance, Let Me Show You It

Posted on 13/01/2012 by


I am lying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about things. Deep important things. (And only a little bit about alcohol and explosions.)

I just figured out that in the two weeks I took off over the new year I accidentally wrote fifteen thousand words of various things. Which makes me feel slightly better about the fact that in the four days I’ve technically been back at work I’ve written virtually nothing, but instead have been lying around having thinky thoughts about stuff. (Yes, I know, you’re very impressed.)

Somewhere in there, though, I figured something out. The key word is ‘darling‘. That’s all I can tell you. But it’s nifty. And because I can’t tell you about it without spoilering you I thought I’d offer you this example of my unalloyed genius to reassure you:

Rick: Hey doom. What’s the plan for tonight?
Me: We’re going to dinner. At a place.
Rick: Ooh. Fancy.
Me: I mean, not a random place. A specific place. You know that one?
Rick: We went there that time?
Me: That one where I said, ‘Hey we should go there’? And I told Paul. And he said, ‘Did you notice what it was called?’
Rick: I knew we should have taken down the number.
Me: And I said, ‘Yes. It had a c and an i and an o and maybe some l’s. Double something’. And he said, ‘Okay’. And I said, ‘I bet you can find it on the internet’. And then he did. And he made a booking. Which I think somehow demonstrates that I’m awesome
Rick: What time?
Me: Seven, I think. Although that could be a lie. He’s not here anymore so I can’t check. Arkem says, ‘Seven thirty’. He could be lying too, but he seems quite confident about it.

It possibly also illustrates that I have trust issues but that the boys still have a lot of faith in me. For some reason. So… you know… Trust me, darling. It’s going to be awesome.