Ethics for Heroes 101

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I typed ‘illegal’ into the search bar on my computer this morning, and the first result was my Wizards project. I’m wondering if this is Pan making some sort of judgement. Oddly it’s also the top result if you search for ‘hero’ as well, despite that being the file name of the Path project.*

This is very strange. I mean, I knew what they were doing was illegal but I’m not sure they’re really heroes and I didn’t think I’d actually used those words in the text. Perhaps I’ve been sleep-writing again…

And if I’m going to have action heroes running about, I think I was correct the other day when I suggested in the comments that there should be a class. No, not for me, silly. For my protagonists with the legality issues. Heroes always act like they have the moral high ground, but I think a lot of them have certain ethical issues that nobody ever pointed out to them. And I’d like them to at least know what they’re doing if they’re violating the borders of good and bad. So.

Ethics for Heroes 101:

– Just because you saved her life, doesn’t mean you get the girl.
– Just because he’s ‘the Bad Guy’ doesn’t mean you’re justified in jumping up and down on his face.
– You really shouldn’t set fire to things in sheer exuberance. I mean, we understand you’re excited but does that belong to you? No. Does it say belong to some perfectly reasonable citizen who has nothing whatsoever to do with the fight you’re engaged in? Yes? So don’t you think they’d prefer if their office wasn’t set on fire/car wasn’t stolen and trashed/commute home wasn’t interrupted by flying debris?
– The Government isn’t always right. They’re not always wrong either.
– You can’t choose which laws to obey. I mean, obviously, you can, but at that point you’re a criminal. Deal with it.
– Remember what we learned from Austin Powers. Minions have families too. Redshirts have last names and home towns, even if you don’t know what they are.
– The loudest way to kill someone isn’t always the best.
– If your best friend goes dark side on you and you’re willing to give them a second chance, consider extending the same courtesy to the guy who blew up your houseboat.
– Not all damsels are distressed. Some of them will kick your ass.

Warhammer Soldier figurine that is aiming a large weapon and simultaneously shielding his eyes

Can you think of any more?


* You get an identical result for ‘villain’ too. And now I’m starting to wonder how many words lead back down this trail. No wonder I keep getting distracted into writing it. All roads lead to Wizards.