I Have Been Kind of Running on Crazy Lately

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Me: I have decided I am on holidays. It came to me midmorning and I thought it good.
Jared: Woo, holidays!
Me: This means I am now procrastinating christmas things instead of work. Progress, yes?
Jared: Now you can sit around on your couch all day browsing tumblrs 😛
Me: How did you KNOW?
Jared: Because that’s what you often do?
Me: I do… not? I actually hadn’t been on there in like a week so there was a whole piles of lols.
Jared: You can’t let the lols build up.
Me: They can be quite intimidating in a pile like that.
Jared: Otherwise you run the risk of causing lolvalanches.
Me: 😛 The trouble is, my rss feeds are more intimidating (and more work related) so they get the regular attention and the lols… they have to wait their turn. It’s funny though that recently my tumblr’s changed from check-every-six-weeks-there-might-be-some-stuff to check-every-week-or-lolvalanche.
Jared: Because you’ve been adding more tumblrs? Or are they just more active than they used to be?
Me: Because I started tracking this particular subject, and then I was on tumblr and there were these beautiful things and I started tracking some artists and some writing things and some… slightly criminal things… and then got distracted by people talking about the artistry of bruises. One thing leads to another. And because part of it is for work I can’t just ignore it entirely the way I do youtube or tvtropes and similar time suckers. It’s dastardly.
Jared: How nefarious.
Me: Is what I’m saying.
Jared: I wonder if this is part of a bigger plot to distract the entire population of Earth with memes and fanfiction and amusing pictures/videos so the aliens/communists/apes can destroy us all.
Me: Computers. The computers are taking over the world. And they’re doing it by distracting us with shiny things. D’uh.
Jared: …actually it’d make a lot more sense if it were an AI behind all of this.
Me: Is what I’m saying.


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