The Truth About Santa

Posted on 22/12/2011 by


Venn Diagram using three circles - showing the intersections between 'great power, great responsibility' and 'knows if you've been naughty or nice' as 'god', the intersection between 'knows if you've been naughty or nice' and 'wears a red suit' as 'spanish inquisition', the intersection between 'wears a red suit' and 'great power, great responsibility' as 'spiderman' and in the centre where all three circles overlap 'santa''


Venn diagrams are like proof, right? So this means Santa is the intersection of all things? Or secretly he’s also God (makes a lot of sense), Spiderman (well, why not?) and the Spanish Inquisition (okay, maybe he was brain washed? That happens, right?).


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