Out of Thin Air and Madness

Posted on 16/09/2011 by


I feel ridiculously virtuous because I’ve been working on book two of Path (TRTH) the last few days. Probably because while I was busy trying to get the framework of book three functioning and creating Wizards out of thin air and madness the second book was sitting there mocking me. Well not all of it. Not the new Asmodean bits. Those are good.

So that’s where I started. Brand new Asmodean words for the second book. I think I’m getting the hang of him.

Arkem: I am glad to hear it. Asmodean is good times.
Me: He is good times. And I’m enjoying writing for him even more now that I’m in his head. It’s a close second to writing Tag thinking about Asmodean. Which makes me grin like a lunatic while writing.
Arkem: You always grin like a lunatic. Well not that you grin all the time but more that when you do grin it is always with a hint of the moon crazy. I like that.
Me: When I read your first sentence I thought ‘Do not’ but then I read the rest and did a more sheepish, ‘oh okay then’
Arkem: Yay I succeed at words.
Me: You conveyed your brain goo well.
Arkem: I like to contemplate the contagious nature of my brain goo.
Me: That’s what I like about you 🙂

See, this is what friends are for — mutual admiration society. He likes my lunacy, I like his… desire to contemplate contagious goo? That… sounds terrible. Moving right along…

I am much happier about this book now that I’m working on it instead of sneaking up on it and looking at it out of the corner of my eye. Working on the final draft of book one (SETHD) was a lot of time consuming polishing and finessing to take what had been the first half of a book and make it stand by itself, but the final draft of book two turns out to be quite a different thing.

To start with, simply by virtue of the fact that it was written at a point when I was much more confident of my characters and story it’s already better than SETHD was at a similar draft point. It’s also shorter.

Both of which are a straight line to less work. But also, when I realised how much shorter it was, I realised there was room for me to include some new stuff. Which is brilliant. Because when I wrote this part of the story originally I was desperately trying to compress it to make fit it all into one book. So I left some stuff out, I cut some other stuff out, and one of my main characters never got a voice.

To be fair, the reason I never wrote from his perspective originally was because I didn’t feel confident of how that voice would sound. And by the time I did, I didn’t have room for it. So I am unreasonably delighted that I get to do it now. I really enjoy writing from his point of view and also it gives me this fantastic opportunity to go back into the story.

Which is… I don’t know — like writing fan fiction of your own work? Or producing extra episodes of a cancelled TV series not after the end but during your favourite season? I get to create all the moments and scenes that I wished I had time for the first time around. (Some of which, to be perfectly honest, really ought to have been there all along.) And I get to go back in and shade and nuance things that already exist with Asmodeanisms. And Asmodean, as Arkem says, is good times.