Infecting People With Fiction

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Today I have the headache I didn’t have yesterday.

My brain and I are bonding over the writing at the moment, but we’re not on the same page as far as sleep goes.

But on the bright side the first thing I did this morning (after fetching juice and almost falling over in kitchen — yay for housemates who rescue you when the blood suddenly rushes off somewhere that is not your head) was laugh out loud when I read my email (no, really, I don’t write LOL unless I do, I write ‘heh’ which is that little smile I do where there’s not actually LOLing. Like a baby LOL). Anyway… I laughed because I got an awesome email from Caris:

I kind of hate cause it is now near one in the morning and I have early class and a test tomorrow but that fic was wonderful and kinda worth it and thanks for recommending it but there should be more of it like right now. Anyway I am now going to go to sleep.

I love infecting people with fiction.

And so this piece of gratuitous self-pimpery. Or… could be better looked at as one of the first written reviews I’ve ever received for my work?

Arkem: I am reading William Gibson’s latest novel and a thought popped into my head: “Gibson is trying to write like Kandace”. So basically Gibson has a sequences of scenes where characters who are from different backgrounds have a slightly surreal conversation. The conversations are about things that one character finds perfectly normal and the other character has to adjust their world view before they can process the concept.
Me: Ah! That does sound like me. I just wrote this huge fight scene and then ended it with a joke about shoelaces…
Arkem: Your propensity for conversations like that is one of my favourite parts of your writing. Also your sense of humour, your words are very funny.
Me: Naw, shucks. I mean, yay!
Arkem: So anyway, I you’ve made an impact on my brain if it is now possible for me to read stuff and think “wow this sounds a bit like Kandace” rather than you know, the other way round.
Me: I like that I’ve infected your brain. Now to infect others! Bwahahaha!

So… I can’t infect you with my stuff yet, but is anyone else feeling a strange kind of fondness for X-Men at the moment? Cause I can point you at something that will make you ROFL. No, really!


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