I’m Attempting to Get Scurvy and You’re Helping

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So Rick has started to take retaliatory measures towards the fact that the sandman and I aren’t getting along. Tonight for instance he ran in, a good hour after he normally heads bedwards, yelled ‘Emergency Bedtime’, flipped the switch to plunge the world into darkness and lunged for the bedroom. And I was left in my little pool of laptop illuminated gloom going, “What? What was that? How can it suddenly be ‘emergency bed time’? Where did that come from?”.

A minute later he wanders past, still in complete darkness, and says, “Do you have any plates for the dishwasher?” To which I, naturally, reply: “Probably. But I can’t see because you turned the lights off when you declared Emergency Bedtime.” And he eventually relented about the lights. And went to bed without me. Which is probably for the best. But it’s sweet that he tried. And I didn’t take that long before I followed.

It’s just that I clearly have a problem with staying in bed.

To be fair, I’d probably stay in bed a lot more if Rick didn’t start to make those growly noises when I grab my laptop from the bedside table to write just one more thing.

And when I do go to bed, Rick rolls over, flings an arm around my waist, pulls me close and says, “We should thank Caris for the carrot cake.” And I tell him, “I thanked her. With fic. Although I didn’t tell her we just had it for dinner again. Perhaps I should.” Pause. “Perhaps I shouldn’t.

Carrot Cake

This is not Caris's carrot cake. That is all gone. And you don't want a picture of the contents of my stomach. And if you do -- keep it to yourself.

What’s the appropriate etiquette for, ‘the only thing I’ve eaten in the last two days apart of a packet of ramen noodles and juice is the carrot cake you left in the fridge. It was delicious yesterday when I had it for dinner and today I accidentally did the same thing again. And Rick joined me’? I mean, on the one hand it’s, You brought me delicious cream cheese frostinged goodness. On the other it’s, I’m attempting to get scurvy and you’re helping.

Also, surely if I was going to go that way I would have before now? I was a grad student. Was. Now I’m a graduated student. Which is… okay not that much different at the moment. But surely it ought to involve a wider variety of snacks?

And is linking someone to hilarious fiction an appropriate thank you for baked goods? What if you would have done it anyway?


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