I Don’t Have Your Number But I’d Like To

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I have a question. If you were on a sports team (any kind of sport you like — hockey, cricket, ping-pong…) and you had to wear a number, what number would you choose? And why?

Rick: Thirty-three. And then while they’re frustrated wondering where the point three recurring is, I can score.
Me: So you’re relying in your opponents being OCD math geeks?
Rick: Yes.

Because I know a possibly unsettling number of math geeks I’d like to confine this to positive integers between zero and ninety-nine.

Rick: Seven.
Me: Why seven?
Rick: It’s a good number.
Me: It’s a great number. That’s a terrible reason.

Preferably also with a better reason than Rick provided. Although if your reason really is ‘because it speaks to me’ that’s cool. I’ll take it.

Sports-style sweatshirt with the number 88 and the name Michelangelo. Because you gotta support your favourite artists, yo. :P

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