Another Case of Do or Die

Posted on 20/12/2013 by


The video clip for this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (although let’s be realistic, how many actually do?) and I love that the lyrics are… open to interpretation. Or, at least, I enjoy taking them far more literally than I am sure they are intended.

She’s electric, she’s the current running through my veins
She’s a siren, hearing voices that I can’t explain
I needed more than just a cheap thrill ride
See I needed something that ran deep inside
Can’t see the end of this or who survives
It’s just another case of do or die

Cover for Example's album "Won't go quietly." Posed a series of mugshots with the artist alternatively saluting while wearing an astronaut's helmet, peering through backwards sunglasses, hiding behind his t-shirt, scratching his head, gnawing on the board, looking a little lost with lipstick on his cheek in the shape of lips, biting a piece of duct tape, talking through a megaphone and dressed in a onesie.