Running With Rum

Posted on 15/11/2013 by


Soundtracks are really great for writing background music. They’re intentionally mood music and usually instrumental so there aren’t any words to get in the way.

Rather than listen to entire soundtracks I usually just steal individual songs for my playlist. Songs that, now I’m thinking about it, tend to have a specific theme: running. Maybe that’s because I only really started building up my music collection when I started running and needed something to listen to. Even now most of my playlists are designed for either running or writing. Or maybe it’s simply that the characters in Drink Me spend a lot of time running themselves.

Either way, I now have a tiny Doctor Who playlist (Running With Time Travel), a mini Battlestar Galactica playlist, (Running With Spaceships), and, of course, this:


* I kinda wanted to call this ‘Running With Eyeliner’ but I thought that might be confusing.