Seriously, Though. Tomorrow. Friday at the Latest. PROMISE.

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I’m in the very final phase of this draft. At this point it really shouldn’t be called ‘editing’ it should be called ‘reading through and making sure I didn’t screw anything up when I was editing’. Apart from the occasional part where I’ve managed to delete a word from a sentence and I sort of boggle at myself it’s been really nice.

I keep getting to parts that I remember having problems and bracing myself, thinking, This is going to be hard and then realising, Oh hey, I fixed that last time. It’s neat.

My biggest problem is that nobody will believe me when I say I’m almost done.

Me: By the end of the week. Or definitely before I leave. Really.
Arkem: It’s okay, I still trust you slightly more than politicians.
Me: Aw, I’m not that bad.
Arkem: It’s all these false promises.
Me: They’re not false, they’re… delayed. I’m going to finish it.

Really, I’m only two, well, six weeks over the original schedule and there was an unexpected conference and jetlag and… I am usually better at this.

A three headed monkey is waving at you.


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