Ooo Eee Ooo Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang

Posted on 28/06/2013 by


You know how when you’re really little you think that your family is a template for the world? Like, this is how parents are, this is what ‘holiday’ means. But as you get older you realise that’s not true. You figure out the difference between family traditions and cultural traditions and even broader group behaviours.

Except sometimes things slip through the cracks and you make it all the way to adulthood still convinced that some things that you thought everyone did were really just family things, and some things you thought were just for family it turns out really, really aren’t.

I made it all the way through high school before I realised that ‘Flossy’ wasn’t just one of those weird things people called children it was something my mother called me. (Kandace -> Kandy -> Candy Floss -> Flossy. Get it?)

And I made it all the way to last month before I realised that the song my parents used to get my sister and I to sing to play mind over matter over pain was an actual, not-even-a-nursery-rhyme style song.

A song which, as it turns out, comes with a string of deeply disturbing video clips, including one by the Chipmunks if you swing that way.

I’m going to leave you with my two top two in the weird stakes. (N.B. I feel like I should warn in the first one for kind of misogynistic behaviour toward the girl elvises.)