How to Get Someone Else to Synopsise Your Work: A Study in Whining

Posted on 02/05/2013 by


I just remembered I have to write a synopsis for Drink Me* in the next few days. So basically I’m whining and procrastinating and considering how to make lemon flavoured brownies.

Honestly, this shouldn’t be that hard. It’s high-concept! The plot is very straight-forward! There are only two characters!

Arkem: Drink Me is a rollicking adventure featuring two miscreants, one of whom is a Wizard (in space). Things explode, terrible things happen, they drink, more things explode, they quip, and then they drink some more.
Me: That is… not actually inaccurate in any way. (Except the implication that he only wizards in space).
Arkem: Would it be better if I hadn’t capitalised wizard?
Me: Yes.
Arkem: I’ll accept your note.

 See? Even someone who hasn’t read it can synopsise it. I should certainly be able to manage it without reverting to the movie announcer voice.

A wizard with the survival instincts of a pineapple and a guy with trust issues and a really bad suit walk into a bar…

I should keep working on it.


* Check it out! Me using the fancy new title of Wizards. Cool, huh?