Raise Your Glass if You Are Wrong in All the Right Ways

Posted on 19/04/2013 by


Pink doing a pose reminiscent of the 1940s propaganda campaign image 'Rosie the Riveter'. A young woman in a blue work shirt and red bandanna with white spots, holding up her arm to show her bicep, and implicitly, her strength. The caption on the original image reads 'we can do it', while it is not visible here, this image is taken from the video clip for the song 'raise your glass'

Arkem: It’s a good song.
Me: It is a good song. When I quoted it on the internet you accused me of turning into Warren Ellis.
Arkem: It’s just that I think someday that’s going to happen.
Me: You think I’m going to turn into Warren Ellis? Of all writers?
Arkem: Well, of all people.
Me: Really? What about me says ‘Ellis’ to you?
Arkem: I’m just afraid that someday you’ll break. And you’ll be a big fan of Doctor Whiskey and yelling at people on the internet. (Pause.) And I can totally see you buying a pony with option money from a book.

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