I Have Assembled the Tree and Am Gazing Morosely at the Decorations

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I have been having a minor failure in sleep lately. I am working on it… If you accept ‘working on it’ as ‘grumbling about it, occasionally drugging myself, and contemplating in a not particularly directional way talking to my doctor about the headaches that have still not gone away’.

It has a sort of interesting effect on the way I look at editing though (and for some reason on how loud I play my music). Yesterday I ended up rewriting this scene that I wrote when I was sick that’s kind of overly emotional. I think it may actually have become more mushy …although there’s also more swearing now. I think it’s better now. But it’s possible I’ve lost my sense of perspective. Because there’s still a pun in it. It’s really, really not funny. I kind of like it anyway.

Me: …but I think that’s just because I haven’t had a lot of sleep lately
Arkem: One day you’re going to get 5 nights of uninterrupted sleep in a row and we can finally know for sure how much is sleep dep crazy and how much is just regular crazy.
Me: Well… if it happened all of a sudden like that I’d probably go loopy in the other direction. Also, I was asleep for around 18 months once and no one has commented on me being particularly sane afterwards. Maybe it’s just a more connected/energetic crazy. That could be worse. A lunacy that wasn’t interrupted by sleepiness or losing one’s train of thought… imagine how far it could get…
Arkem: An unstoppable force.
Me: Is what I’m thinking. Perhaps my inability to sleep these days is an evolutionary necessity to stop me taking over the world.
Arkem: Well then, I know what my mission must be: get you enough sleep to take over the world.
Me: Sounds good to me. 🙂 Although I refuse to be held responsible for the results.
Arkem: Naturally.


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