Flying Squid/Jellyfish Thing!

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A few days ago a new XKCD comic was posted. This is not in any way unusual. But it has been drawn to my attention that many people did not obey the comic. This is sad. It’s title was click and drag, people. And I think that you should. How else will you find the flying squid/jellyfish thing? Or the whale? Or the aliens? Or the civilisation beneath the earth?

I mean, you don’t have to. And if you don’t read XKCD in the first place (well… why not?) then I will understand if you give me a quizzical look and move on. But… you know… Squid! Whale! Aliens! Mario! Lemonade! Come on, guys…*


silhouette of flying squid/jellyfish type thing


* Also excellent for procrastination. Management takes no responsibility for any work you fail to do while searching for pirates.


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