Productive Chaos

Posted on 13/09/2012 by


I am having a day of productiveness. I think. I think because today has sort of been about lining up dominos. When I knock them down we’ll see if I was building pretty patterns or chaos.

But I think when they fall I’ll have the next one/two/three chapters of wizards sorted.

I was supposed to be writing this sort of small scene that got us from A to B. Certain people have been waiting for everyone to leave A for some time, so it was supposed to be all satisfactory and moving forward. But there was this bit drifting at the back of my head. That I was not going to do. And I am not. But I had a idea while avoiding that one. And then I was… doing this thing.

And this thing hooked in with this other thing I wrote earlier but had decided wasn’t going to come in till the sequel. But now it’s here. And I think that’s good? It gives a character who is going to be important in later books a tiny bit more screen time in this one. But it also introduces more back story/world-building stuff. Which maybe isn’t necessary in this book? So I don’t know if I really want to do that.

It’s sort of like that whole ‘if you show the gun you have to use it’ thing. But then, I may have pointed at the gun and shrieked in an earlier scene. So this is… well, not shooting the gun exactly, but maybe playing ‘how fast can you draw?’ So. That’s… a thing. I don’t know.

Right now instead of a basic A to B it’s somehow turned into A to Q via E, J and L. I’m still at the ‘I line up the dominos, where they fall nobody knows’ stage. But maybe after Q there’ll be B after all? I hope so. B is where the alcohol is.