Travel With Me = How High Do You Want To Climb?

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A couple of weeks ago in San Francisco Arkem threatened to kill me, but in the end he didn’t because apparently I am very charming. I was indulging in my recurring urge to climb things and made him follow me up a rather impressive hill.*

When we were halfway up said very steep thing Arkem started making rather unflattering remarks about me. And when we reached the top and I asked him if it was worth it he said, “Fuck you and the geological feature you rode in on.”

But then he didn’t push me off the top, so I think he still likes me.

I mention this because today I made Rick climb a rather high thing.

View from the base of the stairs leading up the side of the temple of the sun pyramid at Teotihuacán

And at no point did he make threatening remarks. I think this means he likes me more than Arkem does. Or he was too out of breath for swearing.

He also didn’t try to kill me when we reached the summit.** This may have been because of the conspicuous presence of security personnel who would probably have had something to say about it. Then again, I’m sure they’ve encountered that kind vengeful violence before. Maybe he was afraid that I’m too wily and he’d be the one falling.

Or he still likes me. One of those.


*  It was in a park! And it was very pretty! And there was a lovely view! I didn’t do it just for the lols — well, a bit.

** Okay, ‘summits’, plural. I admit it.

View from the top of the temple of the moon pyramid at Teotihuacán, along the Avenue of the dead, including the temple of the sun to the left and multiple small structures in the foreground

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