Let Me Lead You Into Darkness

Posted on 15/06/2012 by


So someone asked me yesterday why I didn’t just find a way to take out the inconvenient minion without killing him. It’s interesting, because there are a number of places where I’ve done exactly that. And I thought about doing it here too. After all, in the original draft of this section no one died at all.

But I’ve thought about it quite a lot since I killed him and it feels like it would be a cop-out to reverse it. While I could go back and un-kill him, it wouldn’t solve the problem so much as shove it under the rug. Because the fact that they’re in that place at that moment… it’s because they’re prepared to kill to do this. They’re willing to kill to achieve their goal. So altering the story so they’re not in the position of actually having to go through with it doesn’t make them innocent.

They’re not backed into a corner (unless it’s a really funny shaped corner). They have a choice. There’s always a choice. And, hell, that’s sort of what these books are about. Choice. And what makes you a hero. And what makes you a monster. And it’s only going to get worse. If I can’t handle killing this guy I’m going to lose it completely when I get to book four.

Which is sort of a point. Uncomfortable as I am with this, maybe it’s good that I’m doing this here. Like… foreshadowing.

I’m always a little concerned that people will read the first book and be all, Hey, light and fluffy and drinking and silliness and then be absolutely appalled by the end of the book. It’s all, Let the cute little rabbit lead you down the garden path into Hades.

I’m not entirely sure why the book with the drinking and swearing and sex is coming out as the less disturbing one but… well, I guess I’m only half of one book into that world. Half a book into Path things were still fairly light on the angst.