I Have Been Killing People in Prose All Day

Posted on 01/06/2012 by


There’s only… two scenes left from the first half of TRTH that I have to write. Well, write is not quite accurate. I have to bracket them in from chunks of crap to turn them into actual scenes. A few weeks ago I wrote all the scenes that were still outstanding from the first half in a fit of delirious insomnia. Some of them turned out brilliant, at least one was absolute crap and one was… in pieces. Like the leftover remnants of a massacre. It wasn’t pretty. Guess which ones are left?

But once I kick them to the curb — voila! First half finished. And by ‘finished’ I mean ‘complete in this version as a standalone book’. And by ‘standalone book’ I mean ‘not the ass-end of the first, originally only, book’. And now I’m thinking ‘ass-end’ does not give you the best impression of this thing I’m creating.

I think it’s better than the first book. Stands to reason. I wrote it more recently. Also you know all the characters by this point so I can be substantially more awful to them. There may be slightly less drinking — but there’s definitely more violence. Um. Also plot! It totally has plot. And character development! And really terrible decision-making. And dragons. Because… you know… dragons!