I Woke Up Stumbling Off a Bus in the Middle of Who the Fuck Knows With Only My Fairly Dubious Sanity and Most of My Knives

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 Me: I dreamed I cut my hair shorter with a steak knife
Wuffie: Was it a good haircut?
Me: Kind of raggedy
Wuffie: Raggedy Candy.
Me: Oh god…

When you start your day with painkillers it’s not a particularly good sign. But then, I suppose technically my day didn’t start there anyway, it started the first time I woke up in the still-dark-oh-god-why-I-am-not-sleeping and tried to get a grip on the fact that that was a dream and this is the world and… so my dreams have been even more surreal than usual.

Which is good because, hey, kooky dreams are kind of my stock in trade, but also bad because having a tiger with internally luminescent neon stripes prowl around in my head is a little unsettling. Or comforting. Or unsettling that it’s comforting. I want to make friends with the tiger.

Tiger with internally luminescent neon stripes. In blue.

The truly disturbing thing about this was how easy it was to find an image to demonstrate what I meant.

I’m getting that feeling again. It’s the same one I had when I watched Avengers last week and (minor-teeny-not-really-a-spoiler spoiler) we got to the part where  these… space turtles came through the portal. And I sat straight up in my seat and went, “I want to change sides.”

I have a soft spot for space turtles. Even if they have funny tails. And are the bad guys. At least, theoretically the bad guys. Superhero worlds seem to have a lot of issues with defining good and bad. Also people seem to change sides a lot. And — and this is the more troubling thing — it’s not always perfectly clear which side is meant to be good anyway. For worlds that have a reputation for simplicity and bright colours and things going BIF and POW there’s an awful lot of confused complexity there.

Actually, the more I learn about the Avengers universes and the X-Men universes the less sense they make. Part of me wants to read the comics so I’ll understand. A larger part of me thinks if I read the comics I’ll still not understand, just to a more detailed level.

So I’m going to take my drugs and my pillow and go back to sleep. I wonder if I’ll dream about my glow in the dark tiger again…


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