Sick Days Are a Sign That You Need More Weekend

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I think that if you’re sick on a weekend you should get a pass and be allowed an extra weekend day. Also, I think there should be a way so that my job properly includes sick days instead of them just being the-book-will-now-take-this-much-longer-to-finish days.

Although sometimes I still do write when I’m sick. Sometimes it’s even vaguely coherent. Other times it makes me vaguely nauseous to look at when I’m well again.

It’s good for writing anger, though. Also frustration. And despair. Basically being properly sick makes me into a whiny teenager.

Which… is kind of making me want to write about them. Teenagers, that is. I’ve been having this idea for a while now, but it only recently made it into my conscious brain. This might be because I’ve been deliberately looking in the other direction. I have enough projects to worry about right now. But it’s probably the next thing. After all I spent like a year dreaming science fiction before I actually started to write Wizards. This is just… signs and portents or something.

It’s a little weird, cause I haven’t written that age-range in a while. Maybe because I seem to have developed the habit of starting a story by getting everyone drunk and it’s harder to randomly inebriate adolescents.

Aaand my brain just threw up a whole ream of suggestions… and made a pointed remark about how underage I was when I started university. So… that’s… hm. Okay. Not necessarily a problem. Although then there’s that slight issue of fictionally condoning underage drinking. I already look at Wizards sidelong sometimes and wonder if the fact that I’ve codified the use of alcohol into the magic system sends a rather dubious message.

This is why I don’t generally think about messages or how people will read my work. It makes my brain twist itself up in knots. It has enough knots. Also I’m sick and unusually pathetic. And writing ridiculous stream of consciousness blog posts. So… er… wait until I’m better to judge me?


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