Getting Drunk and Losing Sleep Are Good For Creativity?

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Arkem: Is Pan doing better after the transplant?
Me: He is feeling so much better. At least I think he is. Right now he thinks he’s Bob. But we’re working on that.
Arkem: We’re all a little groggy after surgery.
Me: Yeah, hopefully he will be fine by tonight. Or tomorrow anyway. Which will be good because I sort of poured tequila on Space Turtle and now some of the keys stick.
Arkem: Oh, Kandace.
Me: What? These things happen. Although not, granted, when I’m using Pan. I feel like a bad laptop parent for not taking the same level of care with Space Turtle.
Everyone knows that space turtles don’t like tequila.
Me: Yeah… apparently not.
Arkem: Personally I think space turtles may prefer gin.
Me: You think? Cause I could try that.
Arkem: Just intuition really.
Me: Well, maybe once Pan is feeling better. Although perhaps Rick would prefer if I stopped pouring alcohol on my computers.
Arkem: It’s medicinal!
Me: You should have seen his face when I was reenacting it for him. I said, “The bottle was here…” and his eyes bugged out and he choked, “the bottle?”. It was good times.
Arkem: 🙂
Me: Come to think of it, that might have been due to him visualising me drinking tequila straight from the bottle. Which I was doing. But it was tequila and lemon and lime. So that’s… totally different.
Arkem: There are certainly more words.
Me: See? Totally different.
Arkem: I will agree with different, I can’t really get behind totally different. They are not different in their totality.
Me: Okay, well sure, the tequila part is the same… but different for purposes of not-drinking-spirits-straight-from-the-bottle.

And according to this compounding my sleep deprivation with alcohol could have a positive effect on my creativity… Unfortunately, what I’m trying to do right now doesn’t so much need creativity as sense and logic and… analytical thought. I think this is the fundamental flaw to the being-out-of-your-head-helps-you-write theory. It’s great for first drafts but kind of useless for editing.* And if you never get past your first draft… wow, that’s a depressing black hole of an idea. Let’s just not even go there, hm?

* Although my fellow crime fighter apparently has the reverse opinion


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