This Can Only End One Way: Horrible Serial Murder

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A couple of people have asked me where I draw the line between what I write for the world and what you only get if you knock on my door.* The answer is: not a lot of places? I mean, I’ve written a few posts that are essentially, ‘I am an idiot six different ways’, just so you know…

The downside to the whole blog thing is that everyone gets to see that I’m a dork six times out of ten when I open my mouth. Usually only my closer friends are aware of that. Now I get to share it with everyone. Isn’t that just awesome?

Course I’m a charming, loveable dork. So that’s okay, right? Right? Aw, now you’re laughing at me. This can only end one way. Horrible serial murder. Which will pretty much put paid to the ‘charming and loveable’ idea. So back at ‘dork’ then.

I guess the line is ‘other people’. I tend to quote people a lot because dialogue is my thing. I love when people talk and unless you stop me I’ll note what you say or what you write to me pretty compulsively. But I won’t use it without asking. Unless it’s completely impersonal or I have blanket permission or specific guidelines already in place from that person or… okay, there are a list of exceptions but I’m very careful about putting other people’s stuff out in the world.

So me: anything that crosses my mind. Other people: there are rules.**


* For one thing: pyjamas. Knock on my door unexpectedly and there are some good odds you’ll get to admire today’s set. The ones I’m wearing right now are particularly awesome in that they have these blurred lines on them that make you wonder if you’re a little drunk. I think they would be the best hangover pants.)

And at some point in my sleep I woke up and wrote this, which I have entitled The Blogger’s Prayer (which is evidence that I do not gracefully a: do poetry, or b: pray)

Please grant me the ability to say the public things in the public spaces, the courage to say the private things in the private spaces and the wisdom to know the difference.

** And my head just went to a Doctor Who place: Good men don’t need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many. I’ll be… over here sitting quietly and not using television programs to illustrate real life.


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