This is Not About Clowns

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I have a new theory. Doctor Who doesn’t like humans, he likes the British. That’s why he spends so much time on Earth during this relatively short span of time. After a certain point in history, once they’re off parading around the galaxy, they’re just people. He prefers them when they’re still British.

I really don’t see why anthropologists feel they have to travel to unpronounceable corners of the world in order to study strange tribal cultures with bizarre beliefs and mysterious customs, when in fact the weirdest and most puzzling tribe of all is right here on our doorstep. I am of course talking about my own native culture – the British.

Kate Fox

The Doctor clearly has the same idea. Although he’s a bit of a puzzling tribe with bizarre beliefs and mysterious customs all on his own. (I mean the thing!* With the… you know, the thing! And he used his bowtie!)

Diptych. First panel shows Eleven's sonic screwdriver with the caption 'Oncoming storm'. The second is an image of the doctor reading a 'Knitting for Girls' magazine with the caption 'Unarmed man who can't drive'.

Incidentally, if you’re having mixed feelings or whatever about the finale or the… stuff and things of this season and last season and so on there’s an excellent meta here about both the stuff and the things. With pictures! Also spoilers! Like this:

Me: The penultimate episode is horribly traumatic. But the last episode is hilarious. As well as traumatic. Because everyone dies. But in a funny way. Cause there are clowns.
Paul S: Clowns aren’t funny.

Okay. That wasn’t even about this finale. It was about a whole other finale. Also the parts about clowns may have been a… well… a fabrication. Okay, fine, a lie. There weren’t any clowns. All the clowns are in Supernatural.


* I want you guys to assume that every time I’ve used the word ‘thing’ or ’stuff’ in this post there were actually intelligent, insightful and explanatory words I could have used, but didn’t on account of being noble and kind and not wanting to be beaten by those amongst you who may not have seen it yet.


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