You Say ‘Reckless’ Like it’s a Bad Thing

Posted on 20/10/2011 by


So if you made it through the madness of Tuesday’s post you’ll (maybe) have noticed the part where I realised that I’ve found I’m using the same vocabulary for magic and violence and sex in Wizards. Which… I didn’t totally intend but kind of makes sense?

When I say I’m using the same vocabulary, I mean I’m drawing on the same words and descriptive styles so that emotively and thematically events that contain those things sort of feel the similar. I make language choices that draw parallels in the way the characters think about these things.

Writing Path and Wizards at the same time I think I’m becoming a lot more aware of those kinds of elements of my writing process. Like in Path I tend to use musical metaphors and language for the magic. But I needed to do something different in Wizards… and apparently this is where I ended up?

I think I have managed to give my main characters some interesting connections in their heads. Because magic, sex and violence probably shouldn’t be tweaking the same parts of their brains. Or maybe they should? Would Gray really stick around if he didn’t find alcohol and violence and adrenaline on the appealing rather than appalling side of the spectrum?

I mean so far Gray’s saved Jamie’s life twice and Jamie’s… technically saved Gray’s once. By trying to kill him. And neither of them has been remotely sober since the start of the book and there’s magic flying all over the place… and…

Me: I just started a fire. But I think it’s for the best. They’re going to live through it. Probably.
Arkem: It’s the ‘probably’ part that’s terrifying.
Me: Gray tends to agree with you. Jamie’s more on the fence

They are going to be the very best of friends. As soon as Gray gets over the concussion. (I was going to add ‘and they sober up’ but like that’s going to happen. And I don’t think their blood-alcohol level has any affect on their friendship. Luckily.)